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Leading with Experience

The RSVP Volunteer Program uses the life experiences, skills and know-how of older Americans to meet the needs of our communities.

Volunteer Fox Cities is a sponsor of the national program volunteer program, RSVP in Outagamie & Calumet Counties. The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is a great way to volunteer and network with other older adults who have an interest in serving our community. RSVP invites adults age 55 and over to use their life experience and their skills to answer the call of their neighbors in need.

Started under the Kennedy Administration,  RSVP has been serving communities for over 50 years!
View the video and listen to why others have chosen RSVP.

To get started with RSVP, the RSVP staff will first meet one-on-one with you to determine what opportunities best meet your interests, skills and schedule. The staff will also orient you to the benefits of RSVP membership. You can choose from over 70 agencies called RSVP Stations or select from one of the RSVP Partnerships that have been developed to meet community needs. View RSVP  Partnerships below.

If you would like to join the RSVP Team call 920-832-9360 to schedule your individual RSVP orientation.

Your local RSVP Advisory Council Members are:

Mary Greiner
Appleton Area School District
Director of Volunteer Programs
Jeff Zdrale
Neenah School Administrator,Retired
RSVP Volunteer
Holly Keenan
Making the Ride Happen, LSS
Mobility Manager
Vacant – Looking for individuals interested in senior service and making a difference in the Fox Cities!
Jane Shea
ThedaCare at Home
Hospice Volunteer Coordinator

RSVP Partnerships

The national focus areas that RSVP serves are Disaster Services, Economic Opportunity, Education, Environmental Stewardship, Healthy Futures of vulnerable populations, serving Veterans and their families and Capacity Building for our local non-profit agencies.

Along with meeting needs in those areas the following programs were developed to meet needs in our local community. Click on one of the links below to read more about each program.


(Education and Healthy Futures)

This program is designed to enrich the lives of youth by utilizing the time and talents of adult volunteers. With ongoing changes in today’s family structure, third party intervention plays a vital role in fostering educational achievement.  Some at-risk behavior and even health-related illnesses are preventable by assisting young students at the earliest possible stages.

 Several opportunities are available through Project Young Minds…

TUTORING in reading, math and general homework help is needed in a variety of settings and in every school district in the county.  No experience is necessary, just a love of children and the desire to make a difference in their lives.  Materials are provided. 

MENTORING is an opportunity to let a young person know that someone cares about their in life. The matches take place at school – meet for lunch or at another time during the school day to participate in an activity. The commitment is about 1 or 2 hours per week. 

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS are in need of volunteers to play games, share a skill or hobby, help with reading or homework. Help youth improve their academic performance, develop socialization skills and increase their self -esteem


(Healthy Futures supporting independence of seniors)

Lutheran Social Services program called Making the Ride Happen is supported by RSVP volunteer drivers. If you can spare a 1/2 day to help a homebound senior get to medical appointments, social activities or run errands, please ask about how to make the ride happen!


(Healthy Futures supporting independent seniors)

Lutheran Social Services with the help of RSVP ElderMatch volunteers work to meet the needs of homebound individuals.  All that is required is a smile and a friendly face. Training is provided. This important service, along with other “friendly visiting” in nursing homes and at assisted living facilities, enriches the lives of our seniors.

Volunteer Fox Cities PROJECT TEAM 

(Building capacity of local non-profit organizations)

Over 30 area non-profit agencies benefit from the assistance in bulk mailings, stuffing bags, folding inserts for the newspaper, applying labels to bike helmets for kids, and more. This is a great opportunity for those who can’t commit to a regular schedule and those who may have disabilities that limit their involvement. This is a very sociable group!


(Healthy Futures)

A collaborative effort with the ADRC (Aging and Disability Resource Centers)in Outagamie and Calumet counties. Training provided to RSVP volunteers interested in leadingfree-weight strength training classes to men and women.