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Volunteer Fox Cities Plans for Disaster

Volunteer Fox Cities is a member agency of Outagamie County VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster). For more information about VOAD, see the national VOAD website.

VOAD Membership
Volunteer Fox Cities’ role in VOAD is to organize, screen and arrange training for those citizens who come forward to help in time of an emergency. These citizens are not assigned or affiliated to other organizations at VOAD. The term for these individuals is “spontaneous volunteers.”

Other local VOAD member organizations:

Other agencies in support of the Outagamie Co VOAD:

Volunteer Reception Center for Spontaneous Volunteers

Several community partners have worked together in the planning the Volunteer Reception Center. The Center is a structure for processing volunteers that is mobile. It needs to be set up in a place that has easy access and is close but not in the midst of the disaster.

The VRC model used for our planning has approval at the state level. If the Outagamie Co VOAD merges with surrounding counties, this model will be replicated to meet those needs.

Our goal is to pre-register as many citizens as possible prior to a disaster so that there will be a group of volunteers will be ready to be activated when the call comes. If you would like to pre-register please print the VRC Emergency Response Volunteer Registration and return it to the Volunteer Fox Cities.

Become a VRC Volunteer!

Volunteer Fox Cities is looking for people to be trained to work in the Reception Center in times of an emergency. Are you good under pressure? Do you see yourself organizing volunteers more than volunteering yourself? Would you prefer paperwork to sandbagging? This might be a opportunity for you! Contact Volunteer Fox Cities for more information on how to become a member of this group. Training and periodic simulated exercises will be planned to keep skills up-to-date.

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