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Want to encourage your employees involvement in the community?
Want to raise your company’s profile and image in the community?
Is your company interested in being a good corporate citizen?

Supporting their community and their employees through volunteer efforts is one of the many ways companies are giving back. Volunteer Fox Cities can assist you in numerous ways by developing or enhancing a Workplace Volunteer Program (WVP) for your company.

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(From Points of Light Foundation survey)

  • 83% of the companies surveyed use volunteer programs as part of the corporate strategy to address critical business issues.
  • 83% use volunteering to provide training for employees.
  • 97% acknowledge that volunteering builds teamwork skills.
  • 68% agree that employee volunteering helps the company keep valued employees.
  • 58% feel that employee volunteering leads to increased productivity.
  • 99% feel that employee volunteering improves the company’s reputation and public image within the community.

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A WVP is a program in which your company encourages and supports the volunteer involvement of your employees. It also promotes a positive attitude both in the community and the workplace, while contributing to the well being of the communities being served.

The business environment for most industries today is becoming increasingly competitive. At the same time, businesses are facing new uncertainties, including shortages of qualified workers and massive shifts in the global economy. In such an environment, they are being forced to take a critical look at the return on investment of all their programs as well as at the value of all resources. In these times, therefore, where every employee and every effort in the company contributes to the corporation’s overall success, a WVP is way to achieve the ultimate corporate mission.

  • Improves relations within the community
  • Improves public image
  • Produces goodwill and loyalty among members of the community (including shareholders/customers)
  • Encourages open lines of communication and camaraderie company wide
  • Improves morale and teamwork
  • Increases ability to attract and retain employees
  • Adds to the current package of benefits
  • Increases employee pride
  • Learns new skills
  • Acts as a career development tool
  • Understands the community needs and opportunities
  • Gives a sense of fulfillment by contributing to the improvement of community life
  • Impacts community problems and issues
  • Creates a healthy environment that is needed for a strong community/business
  • Receives an increase number of active and skilled volunteers
  • Receives an increase of support through in-kind and monetary donations