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Give Back With a Little Mystery

Give Back Bus And Mystery Mission Project Application

For Nonprofits: Application for a Group Project

Thank you for your interest in the Give Back Bus and Give Back Mystery Missions! Please complete this form if you are interested in bringing the Give Back Bus or Give Back Mystery Missions to your nonprofit. We will make all efforts to fill your need; however, filling out the form does not guarantee your need will be filled. All chosen Give Back volunteer projects are at the decision and discretion of Volunteer Fox Cities.

As a reminder, all projects should come close to satisfying these general guidelines:
• You are a registered nonprofit, charitable organization
• You are not a political or strictly religious organization
• Bus Project should be able to handle 25-40 volunteers, Mystery Mission project should handle 4-6 volunteers
• Project should last approximately 2.5 hours
• Project should be enough to keep everyone busy for the allotted time
• Project can be indoors/outdoors, but if your project is outdoors, every attempt should be made to have a back-up indoor project available.
• You or someone at your organization is highly encouraged to attend so you can share information about your nonprofit during the project
• You are highly encouraged to offer brochures or other promotional material for our volunteers

For Nonprofits: Application for a Group Project
First and last name
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How many volunteers do you anticipate needing for this project?