Meals on Wheels Drivers Deliver Much More than Food

By Rosemarie Dick
Program assistant

Folks volunteer for all kinds of reasons: helping those in need, giving back to the community or they may have some extra time on their hands and want to keep busy and stay active. Our RSVP members excel in all three of these categories and more. Three of those shining examples are Jerry Mugg, Judy Calmes and Ginger Stern. They drive for St. Paul Elder Services Meals on Wheels program and love helping others.

Josie Troullier, director of therapeutic recreation and volunteer services, said the mission of St. Paul Elder Services is enriching the life

Jerry Mugg, a volunteer for Meals on Wheels, picks up meals at St. Paul Elder Services in Kaukauna.


“Part of fulfilling that mission is through providing home-cooked meals to those in the community who may need more assistance,” she said. “St. Paul Elder Services recognizes a necessity from people in the community that meals need to be brought to them.”

Meet our volunteers:

Jerry Mugg: delivers five meals to four homes on his weekly route.

“I feel that I am helping people who need help,” he said. He makes it a family affair with the help of his wife, Toni.

“My wife drives so that I can concentrate on delivering the meals,” he said. “I call before each delivery, which would be difficult or impossible if I was driving. I very much appreciate her willingness to drive.”

Judy Calmes: just started delivering meals. Her route is Kimberly and Combined Locks.

“The route is designed efficiently, no doubling back,” she said. “I just plug in each address into my phone. The meals are obviously a lifeline for them. They are able to remain in their homes with the help of having a meal delivered to them.”

Ginger Stern: is a new RSVP member. She loves seeing the smiling faces as she hands a warm meal to each senior when they answer the door.

“I enjoy delivering meals because it puts a smile on their face, which puts a smile on mine,” she said.

That’s what it’s all about – delivering a hot meal and making someone’s day a little brighter.      

But the mission is more than a meal delivery, because the volunteers also get to have a friendly chat with a meal recipient.

“Just saying ‘Good morning, have a nice day and enjoy your lunch’ brings a smile to their face,” Calmes said. “The seniors were so appreciative of receiving their meals and one told me she has never had a bad meal from St. Paul’s!” 

The pandemic has not stopped Meals on Wheels. Volunteers wear protective masks and gloves, and meals are transported in a tote bag. Can’t be too careful nowadays and St. Paul Elder Services is doing it with determination.