The Phone Pals program provides friendly phone calls to individuals who are homebound and isolated.  Callers will connect with individuals, provide companionship through phone conversations, and be able to provide information so the individuals can connect to resources in the community if needed. Calls will take place at a frequency that is agreed upon by the volunteer and the isolated individual. Training is provided.

To make the Phone Pals program safe, confidential and comfortable for the requestor, a background check is required.  Please fill out the information below, and you will be contacted for next steps.


Phone Pals Background Check Information
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By typing your name in the box below, you authorize Volunteer Fox Cities to investigate your background for the purposes of evaluating your participation in the Phone Pals program, as you will be working with a vulnerable population. I understand that Volunteer Fox Cities may use an outside firm(s) to assist in checking such information, and I specifically authorize such an investigation by information services and outside entities of the company's choice. I also understand that I may withhold my permission and that in such a case, no investigation will be done, and my application will not be processed further. By checking yes, I agree to the terms above. *