Are you looking for a way to volunteer together as a family?

Have you experienced barriers in setting up volunteer experiences to do with children?

Do you want a way to grow closer together, while creating community change, increasing empathy, and becoming healthier?


If you answered “YES” to any of these questions than the BRANCHES FAMILY VOLUNTEERING PROGRAM is the place for you! 

As a Branches Family you will benefit from:

  • Family Impact Days throughout the year, with in-person and at-home, family-friendly volunteer opportunities!
  • A monthly newsletter that highlights area nonporfits, causes and volunteer opportunities!
  • A focus on education, so you will not only volunteer, but LEARN about the impact YOU are making
  • Growing stronger and healthier together as a family!
There is only one qualification to be a Branches Family, and that is that you are a family – How you define “family” is up to you!  From a mom, dad and kids to a single person in their 40s, a grandparent and grandkid or a group of coworkers who are close enough to call family – and everyone in-between: