Community Circles of Support Provides Lifeline for Ex-Offenders

   Research shows that community support during the first six to 12 months after individuals are released from jail or prison is critical to their success.  That is where Community Circles of Support comes in. This group of volunteers meets weekly with ex-offenders to help them make a successful transition from incarceration into the community. […]

Meals on Wheels Drivers Deliver Much More than Food

By Rosemarie Dick Program assistant Folks volunteer for all kinds of reasons: helping those in need, giving back to the community or they may have some extra time on their hands and want to keep busy and stay active. Our RSVP members excel in all three of these categories and more. Three of those shining […]

Avid Bicyclist Finds Time to Knit & Crochet for Community

By Rosemarie Dick Program assistant Donna Wittmann is one of those volunteers who loves to keep busy. During the colder months, with our wicked Wisconsin winters, Donna is at home knitting and crocheting hats for Hooks ‘n Needles, a service activity of the Retired & Senior Volunteer 55+ Program (RSVP), which is sponsored by Volunteer […]

The Salvation Army: 155 Years of Service

By Jeff Zdrale When you hear the words, Salvation Army, what do you think of? If it’s a few people in maroon uniforms playing a tuba, tambourine and trumpet on a street corner, you are terribly out of date. This Christian ministry is one of the largest and most diverse nonprofit relief organizations in the […]

Riverview Gardens Grows More than Vegetables

By Jeff Zdrale If you would have asked me what Riverview Gardens (RG) grows, I would have confidently said, “Why vegetables, of course.” But according to Kate Stel, the organization’s volunteer services coordinator, I would have only been half right. “We grow people too,” Kate explained. “Our program’s number one purpose is to prepare people, […]

RSVP Volunteers Serve Those in Need During Extraordinary Times

By Jeff Zdrale  Donna and Bob Stanek are quite healthy and they intend to stay that way. Their approach to keeping themselves on top of the COVID virus is good and something that can serve as a model for many other RSVP volunteers. Like many folks in RSVP, this Appleton couple had active and long careers before their volunteering. Donna worked in accounting for the Voith Company […]

Volunteering During a Pandemic 

By Jeff Zdrale  Since the “stay at home” order, I’ve stopped taking afternoon naps. It’s odd. You’d think that, with all this open time at home, I’d be trying to take up some of it by sleeping. Hasn’t happened. I think the big changes in my volunteering schedule had something to do with it. Before the shutdown, I usually drove to […]